Tania and her daughter, Skyla founded Kumari life in 2018. The sanskrit name Kumari means "young", which was given to Tania when she became a yoga teacher, with this in mind Tania and Skyla were inspired to spread the idea that we are all young, be it physically or young at heart, and life is about living.

The design focuses on comfort and freedom, but most importantly to inspire you to bring colour, curves and creativity into your being.

With Kumari life it is easy to feel comfortable while expressing your personality and zest for life. As each woman is unique, so is each item of Kumari life clothing - each item is handmade in South Africa, maintaining originality through limited stock for each print.

Tania and Skyla have had the pleasure of experiencing many adventures and this is what birthed Kumari life. Be it visiting a yoga studio, going for a run, travelling to remote areas in Africa or enjoying first world countries - why not do it in style and comfort only Kumari life wear can provide.

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